Is DJ Rahat the Best DJ in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a land of many cultures and languages, which makes it hard for foreigners to find the best DJ in the country.

DJ Rahat is a popular and respected figure in the Bangladeshi music scene, and he has created a unique style that appeals to both locals and tourists. Rahat has worked as a DJ for over 15 years, and his skills are legendary. Nearly 1 million subscribersin YouTube and huge fan followers in Facebook.

He knows how to get people on their feet and have fun, whether they’re dancing to pop songs or trying out new electronic sounds. His sets are always energetic and exciting, making him an ideal host for any party.

If you’re looking for a truly entertaining night out, then you should definitely book a ticket to one of Rahat’s shows. He’ll have you up on your feet all night long.

Music Career

DJ Rahat started his career as a Disco Jockey in 2004. At that time, he was a regular in Fantasy Kingdom and was media-focused. It was a career-changing moment for DJ Rahat.

After three years, in 2007, he featured in a Bondhu song by Nancy. In 2009, he released another song Abhimaner Deyal with Julie.

DJ Rahat performed at the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup & 2014 ICC T-20 World Cup. And it changed his whole career. Because these two add extra value to his career.

DJ Rahat released 8 albums featuring the most famous artists. Some artists are Bappa Mazumder, Pantho Kanai, Kumar Biswajit, Partha Barua, Nancy, Oyshee, Konal, Dilruba Khan, Fahmida Nobi, Onita, Liton, Mukta, Lemis, Alif Alauddin, Muhin, Bangla Mental, Kona, Uptown Lokolz, etc.

Some of his songs are singles, and some are duets. In 2017, he released his first single album with Tanjib Sarwar. After that, he released lots of single songs.

Now, he is a famous DJ and the best musician in Bangladesh.

Why Should You Hire DJ Rahat?

When hiring a DJ for your special event, there are plenty of things to consider. But if you’re looking for the best DJ in Bangladesh, look no further than Rahat. Contact us.

He’s been providing top-quality entertainment for weddings, corporate events, and more for years. His experience will prove invaluable as your event draws near.

His friendly disposition and outgoing personality will also make him a popular addition to your team. Worthy of mentioning, his sound quality is always top-notch.

Besides, he is an excellent DJ mentor in Bangladesh. He also made lots of DJs in Dhaka. DJ Rahat conducts all the premium programs. He performed in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup & 2014 ICC T-20 World Cup.

Moreover, he has released several albums, which have gained critical acclaim. In other words, he released albums with renowned music artists in Bangladesh. The essential point is DJ Rahat is an experienced DJ & Musician in Bangladesh.

So why wait? If you’re looking for a professional DJ who will make your party unforgettable, hire DJ Rahat.

Teaching Career

DJ Rahat is also a teacher. He opened a DJ school in Bangladesh. Till now, he has made lots of DJs in Bangladesh. Some of them are now the best DJs in Dhaka.

Mainly he made his school create a rising star in the DJ industry. His school’s name is Garage. However, here you can learn DJ, Music & many more.

Moreover, you can also join if you want. But for this, you must multiply 15k-50k taka based on the course. And there is no alternative to DJ Rahat as a mentor




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